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African Granite Slabs

We are known as one of the largest suppliers of granite slabs in Southern Africa.

Our production plants, fully equipped with the latest modern cutting & polishing technology, have the capability of mass production with unsurpassed quality, exceeding international standards for the supply of African granite slabs to the industry.

The secret of our success is that we supply an excellent product with matching service.

On request, we are able to supply other African colours from our neighbouring countries eg. Namibia, Angola etc.

Finishes available: Polished, honed, flamed, leathered and antique. 

Sonop Rustenburg

This material has a top medium colour with a medium grain. Remarkable consistency of both colour and grain makes this material perfect for matching with other Sonop material over time.

African Granite Slabs

Normal Cut


Cross Cut

K2 Rustenburg

Highly sought after premium granite with a top medium colour and a medium grain

K2 Rustenburg

Normal Cut

cross cut

Cross Cut

Other Available Granite Slabs

Range of slabs to choose from in assorted thicknesses, according to demand.

African Granite Slabs, angola black

Angola Black

African Granite Slabs, black fantacy

Black Fantasy

African Granite Slabs, Monumental Rose

Monumental Rose

African Granite Slabs, Paradiso classico

Paradiso Classico

Over 21 Years Experience
& Knowledge in Our Field

We export slabs and surface plates to over 25 countries, in bundles or on A-frames in containers. We are also a large producer of Rustenburg Impala and other African granite slabs to the local market and neighboring countries. Cut to-size slabs for developments and large projects.