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Granite Slabs Prove to Stand the Test of Time

Since its discovery thousands of years ago, natural stone has been the “go-to” choice of material for construction in general building solutions, however, with rapid technological advances in recent history allowing for precision cutting of Granite slabs, the variation of uses has grown to a multitude of applications, ranging from domestic kitchen worktops to bathroom vanities. The range further extends to restaurant table tops, bespoke boardroom tables, hotel reception counters, shopping centre and airport flooring, exterior walkways, driveways and even security walling, all of which benefit from using this highly versatile product.

Granite slabs not only have intrinsic strength and durability but combined with the fact that they are resistant to scratching, staining and can withstand high heat, makes this an ideal, user-friendly product. One of the most appealing features of granite slabs is that they require low maintenance. Cleaning is only with water and mild soaps and an environmentally friendly sealant will ensure that the product remains pristine for a very long time. Additionally, a benefit that is sometimes overlooked, the use of granite slabs in whatever format, increases property value – that’s a win-win.

Along with being a very accessible product for household uses, for larger buildings where ‘Green Status’ is of the utmost importance, cladding using granite slabs is an effective solution to not only resolve cost-effective insulation against the cold and heat but additionally from a maintenance perspective, it removes the need to re-paint the exteriors at multiple points down the line.

In their natural state, granite slabs offer a huge assortment of colors and natural designs. Unique veining, colour tones and patterns allow for both traditional or contemporary looks and with a variety of finishes available from polished, leathered, bush hammered, micro dotted, antiqued, and many more, you will have the freedom to achieve the exact aesthetic to compliment your design project.

As industry leaders in supplying granite slabs, we at ANG are noticing a large uptick amongst professional architects and designers in the appeal toward this “cradle to cradle” product versus the recently introduced man-made options, proving without a doubt that Granite has truly proven the test of time!